Joaquín Prat clarifies what will happen to Ángel Cristo Jr. on Telecinco after his disciplinary expulsion from ‘Survivientes’

Ángel Cristo Jr.’s contest on Telecinco came to an end this Tuesday when Carlos Sobera, after a live fight, informed him that the organization had decided to expel him for breaking the rules and disappearing for more than three hours around the island. from Honduras. He explained that what he wanted was to leave. Bárbara Rey’s son returned to Spanish lands this Thursday and, once again, he has once again caused something to be talked about after showing a very surly attitude towards the press.

Following the behavior of Sofía Cristo’s brother, doubts have arisen about her future at Mediaset. Arantxa del Sol, for example, was banned from all programs after confessing live that she attacked Ángel on a boat.

However, the son of the Totana star will not be vetoed by the group. In fact, he will participate in the debate of Survivors this Sunday. Before this point was confirmed by the network, Joaquín Prat implied it this Friday in We’ll seewhen he justified the behavior of Ana Herminia’s husband before the press: “He arrives in the company of colleagues from the production company, he arrives with headphones so that they do not give him information from outside and This implies that he is going to sit down and give explanations.“, has explained.

Isabel Rábago, for her part, has drawn her own conclusions. For the Telecinco collaborator and journalist, it is also likely that Ángel will give explanations on the set of the contest: “These days I was doubting it, but now I am very clear that we will see him on a set. I also believe that he has the right to explain himself. It is true that he has been expelled, we understand that expulsion, but he also has the right to explain himself, especially because he has been the real protagonist of this week.

On the other hand, Joaquín Prat has also come out in defense of Carlos Sobera, who was left in a bad light on social networks after his fight with Ángel Cristo live: “I want to start by sending a hug and my recognition to Carlos Sobera, who was at the head of a of the most difficult galas to captain. As your teammate, all my recognition.

It should be noted that the episode of Christ is generating great fruits for a chain in crisis in which practically only Survivors. The gala in which Ángel was expelled in a disciplinary manner had, with a 21.3% share, the best share in three years.

Ángel Cristo JR. will speak with Sandra Barneda in the ‘Survivors’ debate

Ángel Cristo Jr., recently landed in Spain, will speak with Sandra Barneda this Sunday in the debate of Survivors. He will do it through a live connection, even though he is already in Madrid. In this sense, it is possible that his presence on set will be delayed for a few days and will be produced either with Carlos Sobera or with Jorge Javier. It is striking that Ángel Cristo Jr. continues on Telecinco despite the fact that he has been expelled from the contest in a disciplinary manner.