Jesús Calleja devastates a video from the hospital and under the effects of anesthesia: “I'm delirious…”

Jesus Calleja The year has not started on the right foot. The most famous adventurer on television has just undergone knee surgery. Of course, he has claimed to be “perfect” after undergoing surgery: “Everything has gone very well. I estimate that in 15 or 20 days I will be at full strength,” he has shared on his social networks.

The Mediaset presenter, who this year will face the challenge of traveling to space, has published a video on his Instagram profile to communicate his intervention: “Test passed, impeccable knee operation at the hands of Dr. Monllau and his team. Now express rehabilitation with my physio friends from the gang Jordi Reig and Pérez Elorrieta. Even to have surgery you have to have an attitude and humor helps a lot,” he shared with his followers.

In the same video, Calleja appears delirious with anesthesia: “I want to focus and it doesn't work”, he said at the beginning of the recording, bedridden in the hospital. Shortly after, having recovered from the effects of the anesthesia, he appeared before the camera again: “I finally stop saying nonsense because when they give you anesthesia, you say nonsense. Then this goose that, even if I'm in the operating room, always makes me laugh. Yesterday we laughed five minutes before the operation. We had a great time,” he added.

Of course, the one of Planet Calleja He has given some advice to his followers: “If you go to the operating room, try to laugh. You relax and then look, whatever has to come, let it come”it is finished.