Jennifer Aniston underwent in vitro fertilization to be a mother: “I’ve tried everything”

Jennifer Aniston confirms it. She tried to be a mother in every possible way, even with in vitro fertilization, but she denies that the lack of children was the reason why she married him. Steep Pitt it ended in 2005. The public accusation that she was guilty of preferring her career to motherhood exacerbated her suffering.

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Aniston acknowledges that she has spent many years fighting infertility: “All those years and years of speculation were really difficult. I was undergoing IVF, drinking Chinese teas, whatever, I was trying everything. I would have given anything if someone had told me, ‘Freeze your eggs. Do yourself a favor.’ But you just don’t think about it. So here I am. The ship has sailed.”

Who was the unforgettable interpreter of Raquel in Friends makes it very clear that she suffered great pressure when public opinion interpreted that she preferred her career as an actress before motherhood, while she was married to the also ex-husband of Angelina JolieBrad Pitt: “I was trying to get pregnant. It was a challenging path for me, the path of making babies,” says Aniston in an interview for Allure magazine.

The most endearing blonde in Hollywood adds that the personal pain of not being able to be a mother was joined by external pressure: “The narrative that I was simply selfish”, however now she assures that “I do not regret anything. In fact, I feel a little bit of relief now because there’s no more, ‘Can I? Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.’ I don’t have to think about it anymore,” she concludes.

He assures that he had a bad time, because the press and the public insisted that “I only cared about my career. And God forbid that a woman be successful and not have a child. And the reason my husband left me, why we broke up and ended our marriage, was because I wouldn’t give him a child. They were absolute lies. I have nothing to hide right now.”

The leading lady of big comedy titles acknowledges the pain she suffered for years and how she decided to fight for more respect: “I got so frustrated. Hence the opinion piece I wrote (for The Huffington Post in 2016, criticizing the media for their obsession with her being pregnant and her treatment of women, in general).

In the article Aniston said: “For the record, I’m not pregnant. What I am is fed up.” In her latest interview, the 53-year-old star makes a feminist plea: “We don’t need to be married or mothers to be complete. We can determine our own ‘happily ever after’ for ourselves.”

In addition to Bratt Pitt, Jeniffer was married to the American actor, director and screenwriter. Justin Theroux from 2015 to 2017, a time when the attacks and accusations were transferred to social networks. According to the actress: “It just changed hands in a way. And I don’t know why there is such a cruel streak in society. I often wonder what they have fun with.”

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the star of The Morning Show Only one Instagram profile has been opened, three years ago, to tell about the launch of her LolaVie hair care line, because she sees the networks as a real torture.

When asked if he would marry again, he leaves all the possibilities open: “Never say never, but I have no interest. I would love a relationship. Who knows?” although she acknowledges that “there are times when I want to roll up like a ball and say ‘I need support.’