In ‘The Crown’ they do not cut: They hint at a relationship between the Prince of Edinburgh and Lady Penny

Prince Philip of Edinburghhusband of the recently deceased Queen isabel II of England if he had a special relationship with his cousin, Lady Penny, as hinted from the second chapter of the fifth season of the series The Crownwhich from this Wednesday can already be seen on Netflix.

The most scandalous season of the series on the English crown shows all the scandals that the institution faced during the nineties of the last century, and focuses especially on those carried out by Lady Di and the then Prince carlos.

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However, in the second chapter of the season, the close relationship between the Queen’s husband, Felipe, and the distant relative is recounted. Penélope Knatchbull (played by Natascha McElhone), Lady Romsey, wife of Prince Philip’s godson, Norton KnatchbullLord Romsey. Years later the noble marriage became Earls of Mountbatten of Burma.

The subtle scenes show how after the death of the daughter of the young “Lady Penny”, as she was popularly known, the Prince of Edinburgh tries to help her overcome grief by encouraging her to restore old carriages as a hobby. The excuse is excellent to enjoy many moments alone driving carriages through the British countryside, and the glances between the characters, who in real life had a 32-year age difference, show how united they became.

Queen Elizabeth knew of the existence of Lady Penny Brabourne. That is why she drew a lot of attention that at the funeral of Felipe de Edinburgh on April 17, 2021, marked by capacity restrictions due to the pandemic, Lady Penelope Brabourne was the only guest who did not belong to the royal family.

As the series premiered, the Queen’s private secretary, Dickie Arbiterexplained on Channel 4 the truth about the “cheating” claims of the late Prince Philip and his friend Penny Knatchbull: “The relationship was a common interest in carriage driving. Prince Philip took it up again at the age of 71 after having suffered from arthritis, because he couldn’t play polo anymore.

The former Buckingham employee denied that there had been any romance, as is clear from viewing the series: “Penny had lost her daughter and was completely lost and… in The Crown they have this made-up scene of her showing a carriage that was in one of their patios, which never happened.

He also added that the series “is a good drama, that’s what it’s all about… What you shouldn’t believe is the words attached and some of the events as well.” Arbiter insisted on denying the dalliance by saying that “she became interested in driving carriages, they had a common interest, there was a 30-year age difference and there was no way there was any relationship.”

The royal employee did not admit the conquering character of the father of the current King Charles III: “Prince Felipe was a handsome man, the ladies fell in love with him when he entered the scene, he dressed well in uniform. But he was a shop window buyer, he never bought … flirting, but it wasn’t like that. It didn’t go any further.”

However, the English consort always had a reputation as a womanizer. His legend as a conqueror despite his marriage of more than seven decades with the British sovereign is well known, with details such as touching the ass of Princess Leia’s mother from Star Wars, actress Debbie Reynolds .

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The harshness of the events reported in the series have divided opinions on the suitability of broadcasting the fifth season so few weeks after the death of the English monarch. Without going any further, the Daily Telegraph has written: “It was once a far superior drama of an era, of moments in 20th century history packaged into a deluxe soap opera. But as the stories catch up with the present, the series is becoming a garbage soap opera”.

In this fifth season, the “annus horribilis” of Queen Elizabeth II is made visible, with all the dramatic weight of the divorce of Diana and Carlos, the agony of the pink press, the death of the queen mother, the interview with Lady Di that bled the British royal family, the ‘tampaxgate’, the burning of Windsor Castle, the topless of Sarah Fergusonthe other divorces and the suicide attempts of his daughter-in-law.