Jaime Ostos Jr. asks for paternity tests from his brother Jacobo: “Mrs. Grajal had a lover and she looks a lot like him”

The fraternal war over the bullfighter’s inheritance Jaime Ostos, who died in January 2022 at the age of 90, has only just begun. After listening to the versions of Gabriela and Jacob (with live confrontation included), it is the turn of Jaime Jr., which has taken the step to move this fight from the sets to the courts. He not only wants to recover the “legitimate” status of his father but also to ensure that Jacobo, the bullfighter’s last son, the result of his relationship with Mari Ángeles Grajalis really his brother: “I will order the DNA tests.”

Jaime connected this Tuesday with the Sonsoles program and opened ‘el melón’: “Mrs. Grajal had a lover when she became pregnant with Jacobo and he looks a lot like this man”, he said to the astonishment of those present. “If you know who he is, you will realize that they look a lot like this man. “If Jacob had our blood he wouldn’t be behaving this way, he would have done things correctly.”. And he added: “He had very little respect for my father, very little or none.”

Jaime and Gabriela are the fruit of the right-hander’s first marriage with Consuelo Alcala. After her divorce, Mari Ángeles Grajal and a third child, Jacobo, arrived. The war comes from afar. In fact, the first two reported that none of the others notified them of the death of their father, who was in Colombia with some friends: “I found out about my father’s death because a friend called me to offer his condolences. I called Grajal and did not answer the phone. When I managed to speak with her, I asked her to give me a few hours to be able to get to Colombia from the United States and shortly after He sent me a photo of my father entering the crematorium. 13 hours had passed, no more. She says it was because of ‘covid protocol’ but that is not true, the protocol was no longer applied at that time,” Jaime said. “He did whatever he wanted with my father’s body.”

Then came the confrontation over the distribution of goods left by the bullfighter. Jaime Ostos did not have a will and the two oldest children denounce that Grajal and Jacobo have kept everything they wanted without giving them a choice: “We asked for my father’s legal ID. Now we have all the necessary documentation, because until recently we didn’t even have the death certificate. They didn’t give it to us”, he assures. Among the belongings left by his father, a cloak stands out that the two brothers, Jaime and Jacobo, claim for themselves. “That cape was made for my baptism after my father suffered a serious beating. I was presented to the Virgin of Pilar in that cape and my father always told me that it was for me,” said the first-born. “I’m not going to keep it, I want to take it to the Real Maestranza in Seville. All the trophies and other bullfighting things that Jacobo has in his house should be in the museums”he has sentenced.