A credit of 100,000 euros and a dubious partnership: the reasons why Ángel Cristo Jr. broke up with Bárbara Rey

The war between the former star and her son still hides many secrets. It was last December when Angel Cristo Jr. sat on the set Friday to attack his mother, whom he describes as a “child abuser”, but the truth is that the reason for his anger did not have a sentimental origin but an economic one: “He receives a notification claiming a credit of more than 100,000 euros for a company of which he was the sole director.”

The problem? “That partnership, that company, was something that Bárbara Rey herself suggested she do to earn a little money,” The director of the magazine said this Tuesday Readings. “That is, in exchange for about 700 euros per month, he put his signature in a company that in turn requests a loan from that company for which Ángel is responsible.” And he continues: “For a time there is a default on that loan and the money is demanded from Ángel Cristo Jr. He tells his mother ‘But mom, is this job you’ve gotten me for? Is there anything poisoned or fraudulent in it?’. And at that moment is when he leaves that house and the breakup of mother and son occurs.”

Ángel’s own girlfriend, Ana, already announced that in August, when they spent a few days in Marbella with Bárbara Rey, something had happened between them. However, she did not want to give more details. “The thing about Ángel is not that one day he gets up and goes to Friday To tell things, the story comes from months ago. He signed everything that society gave him,” added Luis Pliego. “If your mother tells you that everything you are signing is not going to affect you, I will sign too. Let us remember that Bárbara has been convicted of confiscation of assets.”.

Mother and son, facing each other

Ángel Cristo Jr. has become one of the protagonists of the new edition of Survivors for his difficult character while his mother, Bárbara Rey, continues to endure the downpour in Spain. The one who was a close friend of Don Juan Carlos is going through a delicate moment and she herself has revealed that she is receiving professional help for it. The statements of her son, who accused her of putting sleeping pills in his bottle and of using it to photograph the emeritus, sank Totana, who decided to take legal measures to prevent her from continuing to speak from Honduras.

A few days ago, Bárbara was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison plus a fine of 2,000 euros for the crime of taking property. To reach an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, she needed the approval of her son, who forced her to write him a letter asking for forgiveness: “I have not leaked that letter, he, his girlfriend, his representative or whoever did it,” she said. she very upset. “I do not apologize to my son or to anyone for anything that happened outside of that moment and that situation for which I apologize.”