Jaime de Marichalar and Susana Uribarri live their ‘celibacy’ in Ibiza: their relationship is a jewel (very expensive)

It is not the first time that Jaime de Marichalar y Susana Uribarri coincide on a luxury yacht in Ibiza, something that has caused comments or rumors of a special friendship between the ex-ex of the Infanta Elena and the representative of celebrities such as Ana Obregon o Tamara Falco. We already photographed them last year for these same dates.

It won’t be the last time we see them together either. They deny romance (and tell the truth) but they know they are going to appear in the media and that boosts their media and advertising purpose and therefore their economies. Froilán’s father and the daughter of the legendary presenter José Luis Uribarri (who died 11 years ago) have a reason for being on the ship where they have been photographed: the ship belongs to the Rabat family of jewelers, with whom both collaborate for different reasons.

Years ago, the friendship of the former Duke of Lugo with Esteban Rabat and his second wife Rosa, at whose wedding the former brother-in-law of Felipe de Borbón served as best man, also became a professional relationship. Marichalar has traveled around the world in Rabat’s private plane, where the young Tito Rabat participated in the motorcycling world championship: Esteve Rabat is the son of the famous jewelers Esteban Rabat and the late María Dolores Bergadá. He did not want to continue with the family business and preferred to pursue his dream. In 2014 he was proclaimed Moto 2 world champion.

Marichalar, commission jewelry seller

Due to his social status, acquired as the husband of the Infanta Elena, Marichalar has excellent relations with famous and very rich people, who buy the extremely expensive jewels of Rabat on the advice of the son-in-law of Juan Carlos I, and the Catalan firm compensates him for the management with an economic benefit, a commission.

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For her part, Susana Uribarri, who is also well-connected with leading figures from the world of entertainment who pose for the media in haute couture suits and important jewellery, also thinks of her friends in Rabat when it comes to suggesting that they wear the fantastic designs of the Catalan house exclusively, a kind of product placement that gives the company a good image and good sales.

In Ibiza there is one of the new stores in Rabat with the most powerful customers, located next to Marina Botafoch, where the most impressive yachts in the world dock. They are potential customers from Rabat and every summer the jewelers throw a small private party in the store for their customers. And there are Susana Uribarri and the former son-in-law of Queen Sofía. And, incidentally, between one glass of champagne and another, they go sailing on their hosts’ yacht. There is no more romance between them than common interests.

Neither Jaime de Marichalar, 60, nor Susana, 57, are known for new romances. In recent years, and since he broke up with the Polish Darek (who was with her friend Ana Obregón before)the representative was not seen with another boyfriend.

Mother of a daughter, and dear friend of Ana Obregonthe daughter of the deceased communicator Jose Luis Uribarri She doesn’t talk about personal issues, although she is a great negotiator when dealing with the media of her clients.