The RFEF warns that it will penalize clubs that use “opaque contracts” with their players


The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) warns that it is willing to sanction those clubs in its competitions that commit irregularities in the registration of their footballers through “opaque contracts”.

The body chaired by Luis Rubiales has indicated these days that so that footballers can present their claims for any type of non-payment, the contracts they have signed will be taken into account if they have been presented within the established deadlines and not those deposited by the clubs, in order to avoid any type of fraud.

In this sense, according to sources from the organization to Europa Press, the RFEF is going to “sanction” the clubs in its competitions that are shown to have had “an underground economy with opaque contracts” that have not been duly registered through the federative portal ‘Fenix’.

Faced with AFE’s complaint that it has changed the regulations of the Mixed Commissions that deal with these issues, the federation already pointed out this Monday that “it wants all contracts to be communicated with transparency and rigor, thus maintaining the principle of equality and ‘fair play’ in the competition, in addition to offering one hundred percent guarantees to the players”.

“That is why it gives the footballers an extra term to communicate those agreements that had not been communicated by their clubs, thus bringing out one hundred percent of contracts from the beginning. If any club and footballer agree to contracts behind the Federation’s back, it will not cover them, “he settled.

The RFEF was critical of the AFE’s position in this regard, since it understands that the union “wants that opaque contracts can be denounced and come to light when the clubs default on the footballers.” “Only when a debt is generated. Is there something more unfair and opaque?” He asked himself.

The association chaired by David Aganzo indicated that his opposition referred to “the limitation of access to the Mixed Commission to footballers who have not deposited their contract or economic pact” through the aforementioned portal “within 15 days from the signing of the contract or the economic pact or during the first 15 days of each season” and assured that it does not want footballers “to have contracts not communicated to the RFEF”.