Jacobo Ostos, on the serious illness of his mother María Ángeles Grajal: “She has not been alone at any time”

Maria Angeles Grajal He is recovering from a serious operation on his right leg due to circulatory failure. During her admission, the doctor, who spent Christmas in the hospital, received the support of her boyfriend, Pepe Gandia. For its part, Jacobo Ostos He has also been monitoring the state of his mother's health. This Sunday, the DJ clarified how his mother is doing.

“This was on Christmas Eve, my mother has been better for a week, she has been with Pepe and we have gone to see her several times,” he said this Sunday to Fiesta.

Likewise, Jacobo has clarified that María Ángeles “has not been alone at any time. In addition, he has stressed that she has been treated very well in La Zarzuela, the hospital where she has been admitted.

Regarding the health problems of Jaime Ostos' widow, Jacobo explained that his maternal grandmother also suffered from them. “My mother is aggravated by the issue of tobacco,” he clarified.

The harsh statements of María Ángeles Grajal

Jaime de Ostos' former wife underwent surgery on December 24 for circulatory failure in her right leg. “On the 24th they had to admit me to the emergency room to have an iliofemoral bypass because I had peripheral circulatory failure in my right leg and it was horrible. Almost life or death,” Grajal told the newspaper this Saturday. ABC.