“It’s very strong”: Sofía Cristo makes her position clear regarding her brother’s accusations against Bárbara Rey in ‘Survivors’

Angel Christ starred in one of the most tense moments of the new edition of Survivors Last monday. Following his last birthday, the Telecinco program sent him an apology letter that his mother had written, Barbara Rey, after the accusations he made on television months ago. However, the contestant refused to listen to the message and attacked the format: “I have nothing to hear from my mother. I don’t know how you can accommodate a child abuser in this program”. Some harsh statements about which her sister has spoken, Sofia Christwho has pulled out all the stops for the star in this new controversy.

Stunned by the unpleasant words that her brother made about her mother, Sofía was blunt: “I’m not going to talk about anything. I really appreciate it because I know you’re making an effort but I’m not going to talk about anything. It’s a lot (very strong) but I’m not going to talk.”, Nagore Robles’ ex has pointed out to make it clear which side she is on. “The first thing for me is my dog ​​right now, my job and my mother.”

Regarding whether the letter is a way to seal the quarrels between her mother and her brother, she has been categorical: “Everything has already been said and there is nothing more to say. That’s it”. Sofía has claimed to have “no idea” why Ángel Cristo Jr. reacted in that way and has even advised not to watch the Fuencarral network’s program: “I recommend that on Mondays there is a very good program on the first channel called ‘Dance as you can’ that I was watching yesterday, to be honest, and wonderful Lydia Lozano.” Although she has acknowledged seeing “a little” of Survivorshas not reacted to her brother’s words in which he stated that he was fond of her: “I’m not going to talk, I thank you very much.”