Alejandra Rubio denies what no one had said: it was not published that she was pregnant but that she had bought the tests

Alejandra Rubio He responded this Tuesday to reporters when they asked him about his visit to a pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test. The granddaughter of Maria Teresa Campos He had visited a pharmacy in Madrid hours before, exactly at 6:30 p.m., and, with a worried face, purchased three pregnancy tests after requesting the “most reliable” and “immediate” brand on the market, as eyewitnesses confirm to this portal. . No one claimed that her tests were for her, much less that she was pregnant. The curious thing is that, after having dinner with her mother, she denied in front of the cameras what no one had said.

No one said she was pregnant but rather that she had bought a pregnancy test.

From the portal we could not affirm that she was pregnant, or even that the tests were for her. But she made the purchase. Another thing is that the information did not take long to unleash speculation, taking into account that Alejandra and Carlo Costanzia are together, just as hers came to light a month ago. Alejandra, who basically dedicates herself, like her mother and aunt Carmen, to talking about the lives of others (and her own), at first did not admit that they were dating, but in just a few weeks we learned that her son Sea Flowers and the niece of Carmen Borrego They had escaped to Malaga, where they spent a few days at Terelu’s house, as we previously reported. Only after several weeks, overwhelmed by media pressure, did they begin to admit their love story.

Terelu’s daughter, once again, has denied what no one said: that she is pregnant. Nobody said she was pregnant. However, some agency repeats that she has denied it. Of course, he admits that everything is going “great” with Carlo.

The television host arrived home late at night after having dinner with her mother. As we reported a few days ago, Terelu spent the weekend admitted to the Jiménez Díaz Foundation for pneumonia. Fortunately, she was discharged from the hospital this Tuesday at noon.

Aejandra did not deny that she had bought the tests nor did she clarify who they were for: “What are you talking about? But are you serious? Well, if you believe everything they tell you, I already… But is this serious? Are we joking or…?” Hey, really, I mean, I can’t take it anymore. “It’s just that you have to… It’s just that I’m freaking out,” she exclaimed before the Europa Press cameras.

Regarding how Terelu is feeling after leaving the hospital, Alejandra said that “she is recovering and is fine”, avoiding going into details about the fact that during her admission she was in the same room that her grandmother was in before she died. : “Yes, well. Let her say what she has to say. You already know that I don’t talk about intimate things and don’t count on that with me,” he expressed.

Finally, Mar Flores’ ‘daughter-in-law’ has stated that her aunt Carmen Borrego “is doing phenomenal in ‘Survivors'” despite her very tough confrontations with Angel Christ; the last for calling María Teresa Campos “that old lady.” “These are things that happen, things can be done differently, but what do you want me to tell you?” She has settled without revealing what she thinks of the attitude of Bárbara Rey’s son.