It’s getting easy to tell who will qualify for the playoffs with just two weeks remain in the NFL season.

Seven teams are already sure to make it to the playoffs. There are four teams in this group.

They consist of the Philly Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys, also known as the San Francisco 49ers, and the Detroit Lions.

The teams at question are currently leaders in the AFC. They are the Raven Ravens, the Dolphins from Miami, or the Cleveland Browns.

This means that eight more spots will be open in Games 17 as well as 18. January 13 is the first day of the playoffs.

Five teams in the AFC have records of 8–7, while the top three contenders with the South are currently tied. At 8-7, the last three teams in the NFC playoff scenario are all still alive.

However, four other teams are not even in the game at 7-8. The Baltimore Ravens and the 49ers of San Francisco don’t have anything to settle down for in the final stretch of the season.

Each team has already won its conference, so they won’t have to play in the first complete of the playoffs.

As a result of their 56–19 win of the second-seeded Dolphins of Miami on Sunday, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens will play their playoff games at home.

Jackson is among the running for MVP. The 49ers, upon the contrary hand, let the Washington Commanders stay close to feed a while beforehand pulling away to win 27–10.

Everyone was shocked when the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Arizona Cardinals a few days later.

This made sure the Oakland 49ers would finish as the best team of the NFC to Week 17. The NFL season is almost over, but the playoff games continue to be as crazy as well as difficult to comprehend as ever.

Twelve teams remain in the running in the AFC as well as NFC as of Week 17. In of week 18, all three AFC playoff spots remained open.

The most interesting game is the one for the AFC East crown between the Dolphins and the Bills. There are six teams competing in the NFC with hopes of getting those final two spots.

Here are the ways that scores are broken for each team. The most recent numbers and who each rival is up against is displayed below.

The 49ers are 9-3, in are the Lions, Cowboys, and 49ers this season. The 49ers, on the other together, have won their only games towards the Cowboys as well as the Eagles, and these could be the difference in the NFC East.

This means that either the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks continue to be three games below in the NFC West.

Both sides have a record of 6-6 as well as want to qualify for the postseason. The 49ers play the Seahawks at home this Sunday. The last game of the season is at home against the Rams in Week 18.

Houston is ranked eighth right now, but even though they beat Tennessee, they are not in the playoffs. In order to get to seventh place, they lost a head-to-head match against Indianapolis.

The Texans also have a better record towards the Steelers when you look at their head-to-head results. For them, a win will keep their season going.

San Francisco only needs to win a final few games to get the first overall seed. But Week 16 is rough because the 49ers have to go to Baltimore to play the playoff-bound Ravens on Christmas Day.

By the close of the season, the 49ers ought to be sporting either a 14-3 or 13-4 record. But they had to have some other results going their way to get the top spot total.

The Ravens secured the top spot within the AFC with their win over the visiting Dolphins in Week 17. They don’t need to play within the first round.

Miami remains in second place in the AFC, even though that they lost to The Ravens. The Dolphins and Buffalo will play next week to decide who wins the AFC East.

The Jaguars are still in the top spot in the AFC. The southernmost point and the fourth place in the AFC.

That’s because the Jaguars have played the Texans and the Colts more often than either of them.