A new NBA record is set when the Detroit Pistons lose for the 27th time in a row despite Cade Cunningham’s best efforts.

A new NBA record is set when the Detroit Pistons lose for the 27th time in a row despite Cade Cunningham’s best efforts.

Cade Cunningham came dangerously close to surpassing his own record eight days after lighting up the Atlanta Hawks with a career-high 43 points. In the third quarter, he scored eighteen points, and in the fourth, nineteen.

The 2021 first-round selection, who finished the game with 41 points and 15-for-21 shooting overall, nine rebounds, with five assists, did everything in his power to stop the Detroit Pistons from creating NBA history.

After suffering a 118–112 defeat, the Pistons now own the record for the most consecutive losses in a season in the NBA. Little Caesars Arena was the scene of a joyous evening.

On a night celebrating the 35th anniversary of the basketball team’s 1989 championship, almost every seat was occupied, and the Pistons donned their alternative jerseys inspired by the Bad Boys.

Now that the Pistons have lost 27 straight games, they have eclipsed the previous record and now own the regrettable record for longest losing streak in an NBA season.

The Philadelphia 76ers, who dropped 28 straight games over the course of two seasons from 2014–15 to 2015–16, continue to hold the record for the longest losing streak in NBA history.

The Detroit Pistons lost to the Brooklyn Nets 118–112 on Tuesday night, their 27th straight loss, an NBA record matching the longest losing streak ever created. Cameron Johnson had 24 points in the game.

The previous record of 26 straight losses was held by the Philadelphia 76ers in 2013–14 and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010–11.

The Pistons had a 22-8 advantage in the first quarter, but they were unable to maintain it as the Nets progressively gained the upper hand.

The victory was guaranteed by the 24 points that Cameron Johnson scored and the efforts of other Nets players.

Despite scoring 41 points, 37 of which came during the second half, Cade Cunningham’s stellar performance for the Pistons was insufficient to snap their losing run.

The Pistons broke the 26-game record set by the 2010–11 Cleveland Cavaliers and the 2013–14 Philadelphia 76ers with losing 27 straight games in a single season, which they did in their 118–112 loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

After defeating the Chicago Bulls 118-102 on October 28 to improve to 2-1 in the standings, Detroit has not won a game since.

The top pick in the 2021 draft, Jared Cunningham, gave it everything he had against Brooklyn, finishing with 41 points, nine rebounds, plus five assists.

But since then, everything has gotten worse. Although Cade Cunningham, Jalen Duren, plus Jaden Ivey all have talent, the Pistons paid 2021–22 Coach Player of the Year Monty Williams generously to take charge of a youthful team. However, nothing has clicked.

He made 3 of 4 long-range shots and 15 of 21 overall. He is unable to make up for the several other deficiencies ailing the club, even if he were to lead them to success.

With a road game facing the NBA-leading Boston Celtics on Thursday night, at least tying the record looks plausible. Like the season, the game with Brooklyn got underway with considerable optimism.

Before Brooklyn was able to prolong the suffering in Motor City, bad shooting, defense, and mistakes allowed Detroit to lead 9-1 and lead by 14 points in the first quarter.

The Nets led 61-54 at the half after outscoring the Pistons by 13 points in the second quarter. Detroit led 97-92 at the end of the third quarter thanks to a 3-pointer made by Cade Cunningham, who scored 18 among his 41 points during that period.

The Nets embarked on a 13-0 run to seize the lead permanently, right as spectators who had almost packed Little Caesars Arena began to shout passionately at a playoff game.

Cunningham contributed to the team’s chance of winning at last, but he was largely on his own and committed a turnover as well.

Frustrated supporters began chanting, “Sell the team! Sell the team!” even though Tom Gores, the owner of the Pistons, was not present to hear it.

With 1:40 remaining, Bojan Bogdanovic had already scored 23 points before fouling out and after hitting a 3-pointer that put Brooklyn up six points. Bogdanovic also had left Cam Johnson wide open.

The Nets backed off of Jaden Ivey, the No. 5 choice overall in the previous year, and encouraged the guard to shoot, but he missed nine out of twelve attempts.