It was not your fault, it was from the fridge: this is how Shakira would have discovered the romance of Piqué and Clara Chía

The information about the most notorious rupture of the year, that of Shakira y Piquecontinue dating six months after both protagonists sent an official statement announcing that they had gone their separate ways after twelve years together and two children together.

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This time, the Latin American media have echoed the track that would demonstrate the way in which the Colombian singer would have discovered that her then-boyfriend had an affair with another woman.

According to some statements by Ker Weinstein, an entertainment influencer, who collects the newspaper The nationthat of Barranquilla “discovered the presence of Clara Chia Marti at his house because he realized that someone was eating food from the fridge that Piqué didn’t like”.

As the aforementioned medium explains, the origin of this supposition stems from a statement that the artist made last May, when she was asked about a symbolism in the video of Congratulations, the successful song that he released a month before announcing his break with the former soccer player. “I was going to the fridge to find the truth,” Shakira said in the British program This Morning about the scene in the video for the song where she opens the fridge and finds the head of Raw Alejandrothe singer with whom he collaborates on that topic.

At the moment, it is speculation and what really happened behind closed doors will never be known. What is clear is that each one is already focused on continuing with their lives away from the other. While Piqué strengthens his relationship with his twenty-something girlfriendShakira prepares the suitcases to move to Miami with their children after Christmas.