Isco enters the blacklist

The words of Isco (Benalmádena, 28 years old) before the El Clásico they didn't sit well with Zidane. “If he has to change me, he changes me in 50 'or 60' of the game. If he has to put me in, he puts me in 80”he said in the stands of the Camp Nou to the laughter of Marcelo and Modric. A phrase that, although it was said in a private circle, ended up being public via The Movistar Partidazo. Zidane He wanted to take away the iron from the matter at a press conference: “He just wants to play …”. But only a few seconds later he released his tongue to show that the apparent tranquility was not total: “The players have to be ready when it's their turn. It's always been like that. Then I'm the one who decides.”. And period. These statements put Isco on Zidane's designated list, where entering is a real problem …



It was the most forceful and most explicit: “The one who has to explain why he doesn't give me opportunities is him. I worked, I tried to make it difficult for him, but there comes a time when you see that it is impossible. I scored two goals in Vitoria and the next game in Dortmund I played for a minute. One. When weeks go by and you don't feel important, it's more difficult. There was a time when I gave up the seasonWe were 15 points behind in the league and we only had the Champions League left, but I didn't get into the dynamic. It was clear to me that if Zidane continued, I had to find a way out“.

Those statements they were the season in which the French coach returned to Real Madrid after a period of inactivity. Ceballos, who was already counting on a few minutes, took another step back to lose weight even in rotations. Some time later he ended up packing his bags to go to Arsenal.


For a time the debate was James-Isco, Isco-James. It was a healthy contest for a position in which, inevitably, there must be a winner. And Isco won, because he was always more to Zidane's liking. The problem is that James not only lost the title, but also the opportunities. He was relegated to the shadow of the team, spending weeks away from the greens and even from the calls. Zidane didn't like him and he wouldn't have minutes. This past summer he left Ancelotti's Everton, with whom he is a starter and can enjoy football.


Their rudeness they are well known to all the fans. And they ended up tiring even one of its greatest defenders: Zidane. He took out the flag of “Wales. Golf. Madrid”, he fell continuously injured, he was off in training, cold with the public and isolated from his teammates. But even with all that, Zidane continued to summon him and give him minutes. At one point the French got tired and wrote his name on the list of indicated, condemning him to have to find a way out this market. His rudeness before City, asking not to be called up because he felt that he would not play, was the last straw. The prodigal son has returned to Tottenham, but in June he will set foot in Madrid again …

Real Madrid Shield / Flag


It was the great revelation two seasons ago and a footballer who raised the Bernabéu for his delivery. Confessed Madridista and international with Spain … It was not worth for Zidane. His case has little explanation, the French got between eyebrows that no, that the position was for Mendy and Marcelo and did not give his arm to twist at any time. Neither the bad moment of the Brazilian nor the exceptional moment of the Spanish made him reconsider. It was already on the list and it wasn't going to change. This summer market was transferred to Tottenham with a return option. But while Zidane is still on the bench, it is difficult to do so.


There is one fact that sums it up: last season I only played 84 minutes. Not an entire match could enjoy among all their participations. And even so, he scored a goal, in the Classic against Barcelona. It did not count for Zidane this season and for this reason he asked from very early on that a new destination be sought for him, but the player's high economic pretensions and his will – entrenched – to continue in Madrid even knowing that he would not have minutes, prevented any operation. It will be two months since he had tonsillitis surgery … And he has just gone out to do a couple of trainings with the group. Work individually and silently. Much has to complicate the situation so that it returns to scene. Is what you have Zidane's designated list, that if you go in, you're in trouble.