Isabel Preysler reappears at the Goyesca in Ronda after her summer vacation: conclave of vips

Isabella Preysler he has given prominence to his daughter Tamara Falco this year. After his breakup with Mario Vargas Llosa last December, the wedding of the Marquise de Griñón with Inigo Onieva it monopolized all the news of the heart press.

This allowed the queen of hearts to go a little more unnoticed and enjoy this summer in a discreet way. As we count exclusivelyhe spent a few days in Marbella at the home of a friendly couple.

This Saturday, the ex of Julio Iglesias It has reappeared in the Goyesca de Ronda, one of the most popular bullfights. Isabel was accompanied by several friends and from the stands she was very attentive to everything that was happening in the square.

This quote has brought together other known broken: Fran Rivera with his son Curro, Cayetana Rivera accompanied by her boyfriend Manuel Vega, Narcís Rebollohusband of Eugenia Martinez de Irujoy Marilo Montero.