Isabel Gemio reflects on Luis Rubiales: “Perhaps he has done other things that have not been known”

We had spent several months without seeing Isabella Gemio and a few days ago the journalist went to Álex Álvarez’s birthday party at Bingo in Las Vegas and attended us to talk about all the current events. Very sincere and without mincing words, the television presenter did not leave anything out.

Regarding the controversy with Luis Rubiales after the kiss to Jenni Hermoso, Isabel told us that “this has happened many times to women.” “Perhaps that man has done other things that have not been known” and reflected: “If he has done something like this in front of everyone, it is because he considered that it was normal and it is not normal, he has to know that it is not normal”.

Regarding the brilliant work that the players have done in the World Cup, the journalist confessed that she is very “happy for them” and reminded us that she interviewed some soccer players on the radio years ago: “They told me how difficult it was for them , how bad they had it. I remember a father who took his daughter to training every day, how he saw the suffering of that daughter”.

After what has happened and with the example of the La Roja players, Isabel is clear that “now many girls who want to be soccer players are going to have an important boost and that there is going to be a before and after, as you will understand, as woman and as a person in a society, I love that they have had that success.

Of the most casual facet of Queen Letizia during the World Cup, Gemio explained to us that it is “normal, you have to be natural, she is a woman, she is a journalist, it is normal, she has played Letizia and it is very good that she does it and not So much of a queen. She has to be more of a queen.”

Finally, we asked about the family Rodolfo Sancho and everything that happened, and it stopped us dead: “I don’t want to comment on that kind of thing. First, I sincerely believe that I am not the one, when faced with something so hard for a family. I put myself in the family’s place and I die I don’t think we’ll help everyone by giving their opinion. Everyone can have an opinion, but things like that are too serious to be trivialized.”