Whistles, banners, protests and direct messages about the Primary Care strike in Madrid. The doctors, in the center of focus. The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusohas endured a strong downpour of criticism when it arrived on Tuesday, January 24, at the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University, where she has received the recognition of illustrious student. Ayuso, a former student of this Madrid center as the queen letizia, has put on a face of circumstances and has shown a toothy smile. Together with the president, they have also been distinguished Antonio de la Torre y Arturo Perez Reverte.

Students, teachers and workers from the UCM have expressed their protests against this recognition that Ayuso has received. Messages such as “fascists out of the university” were read; “Ayuso of illustrious has nothing”; “Long live the fight of the sanitary”; “not one more euro for the private” or “from canes to Zendal”.

To ensure the entrance of the president to the faculty, a strong police device has been deployed in which several rings have been established to prevent the access of protesters to the premises. More than ten police vans have concentrated at that point, according to Europa Press.

Nuevas Generaciones de Madrid, with its president in command, Ignacio Dancausa, and some regional PP deputies have traveled to show their support for Ayuso. “The supposed mobilization has been a failure. There are fifty with a megaphone shouting nonsense,” Dancausa downplayed in an interview with Europa Press.

The act of appointment took place in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty, on the occasion of the Festival of the Center, San Francisco de Sales. Together with Ayuso, they have been distinguished as illustrious UCM alumni Antonio de la Torre, Arturo Perez Reverte, Almudena Ariza, Angel Expósito, Xurxo Torres y Miguel Trillo, among others. The rector of the Complutense University, Joaquin Goyache Goñi.