News in the case of Dani Alves, who since last Friday remains in preventive detention without bail. After offering different versions of what happened, the former Barça winger has signed a prestigious lawyer, who has worked for Leo Messi and for the family hill.

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In this way, the Brazilian player, for whom a prison transfer has been agreed, has taken over the services of Christopher Martell. The lawyer Miraida Wilson Bridgewho advised him in the early hours and provides his services in matters related to his companies, has been in charge of communicating the change of lawyer.

The first objective of Alves’ defense is to obtain his freedom in exchange for the imposition of a bail, the withdrawal of the passport or the prohibition to leave Spain. According to The worldMartell will present in the next few hours an appeal before the Investigating Court number 15 of Barcelona and another subsidiary to the Court of Barcelona.

Martell’s office, in addition to Messi or members of the Pujol family, has represented Alvaro Lapuertaformer treasurer of the PP, and the former president of Barça, Josep Lluís Núñezamong other familiar faces.

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Among the indications that also corner the player, the statements of the affected young woman (which coincide), the medical examination she underwent, the images obtained by the security cameras of the Barcelona nightclub where the events occurred and the biological samples from the bathroom, which are being analyzed to see if they match those of the footballer. The dress that the young woman was wearing that night has also been delivered for analysis by the UCAS, the Unit Against Sexual Assaults. The alleged victim also described a tattoo of Alves on his abdomen.