Isa Pi spends three days ‘non-stop’ partying with a well-known model: altercations, jacuzzis and vague explanations

The last visit of the gathering to Madrid to defend her boy on the set of survivors it has come out expensive. The reason? The post-program party got out of hand and became a 72-hour ‘non-stop’. One Pi toured the premises of the capital accompanied by a group of friends among whom was the model Roberto Urbanoex de Zayra Gutierrez, with whom he spent two hours alone in a car. She has already given explanations: “I am not worried about going out on Thursday or Saturday, there are no videos or photos, I do not take drugs or have been unfaithful to my partner.”

Isa Pi has explained his version of the events, which began on Thursday night in a well-known discotheque and ended in an after-party with private booths and a jacuzzi: “Yes, I was in an after-party but at the bar drinking something. If there was a jacuzzi, I wouldn’t even I found out, there were no people there in bikinis or bathrobes or anything”, he said in Save me.

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The night was wild, yes, because the tertuliana herself admits that on Friday she could not fulfill her professional obligations in Ana Rosa’s program: “I didn’t go because my head hurt a lot.” He does not comment, however, that neither the producer nor her representative could contact her.

On Friday night, Kiko Rivera’s sister went to the April Fair in Madrid, where they staged an altercation and they ended up expelled: “A friend of his took our mobile phone and threw it to the ground shouting ‘Don’t take photos!’ The security came and threw them out of the booth because they were not wearing the bracelet, they had slipped in,” explained a witness. From here to the car: according to what they say, Isa Pi spent two hours with his model friend in a vehicle. She has denied it: “We were more friends, four, and I was not two hours in the car with him.”

She has been calm and confident, although she predicts that this story will not be amusing to her boyfriend, Asraf Beno, when I return from Honduras. Above all because, according to her, Urbano “has slipped it into you” and is a friend of the Moroccan: “I don’t have to prove anything, let those who accuse do it. Asraf will be disappointed, but not exactly me. I have my proof that nothing has happened that I have to be ashamed of.”