Dani Alves: the Prosecutor’s Office again opposes his request for freedom because there is a “risk of flight”

On April 17, Dani Alves He was leaving the Brians 2 prison for the first time to return to testify before the judge, for the fifth time. He has been in pretrial detention without bail since January 20, when he was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman on the night of December 30-31 at a well-known Barcelona nightclub.

This Tuesday, April 25, we have learned that the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona has opposed the request for release made by the defense of the Brazilian player, exercised by the lawyer Cristóbal Martell, because he understands that the “risk of escape” subsists, according to reports explained knowledgeable sources to Europa Press.

The former Barça winger, still married to the Canarian model Joana Sanzhas been in provisional prison since January 20 for allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman at the Sutton nightclub in the city, and her defense has already filed an appeal trying to get her released, although both the instructor of the Barcelona Examining Court 15 and the Court of Barcelona dismissed it.

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Thus, the defense asked for his release again last week and proposed that he be set on bail and his Spanish and Brazilian passports be withdrawn to ensure that he would not flee if he was released from prison.

Alves’ statements

As we said, it was already the fifth statement by the Brazilian, who began by assuring that he did not know the young woman who had denounced him for an alleged sexual assault in the aforementioned disco by assuring that it was she who pounced on him when he relieved himself in bathroom. In this last intervention before the magistrate, he acknowledged for the first time that there had been penetration.

The continuous contradictions of Alves in his statements added to the high risk of flight and his Brazilian nationality, as well as the strength of the evidence provided by the victim, were sufficient reasons for the judge to order his entry into preventive detention without bail. The defense of the 39-year-old winger has fought for parole without success. Everything indicates that the trial will take place next summer.