Isa Pantoja reveals the romantic destination of her honeymoon: more than 9,000 kilometers away and surrounded by nature

One Pantoja (27) y Asraf Beno (27) passed through the altar on October 13 after five years of relationship. And although they both enjoyed their big day, the wedding was marked by the absence of Isabel Pantoja y Kiko Riveraas well as the notorious controversy with Aneth (former close friend of Isa Pi). With the excitement of becoming husband and wife still on the surface, the newlyweds embarked on their honeymoon this Saturday. Barely 24 hours later, the singer’s daughter reveals on her social networks the final destination of her long-awaited honeymoon.

As Isa herself showed this Sunday through an Instagram live, the final destination they have chosen is Nairobi (Kenya), more than 9,000 kilometers from Spain.

“Yesterday we arrived at eleven at night and today we got up early because we are going to take the first excursion,” the influencer explained on her social networks. Likewise, she has stated that, despite the little they have seen of the capital, “I am really liking Nairobi.”

For their first day of safari, Isa and Asraf enjoyed the lush nature of Aberdare National Park (three hours away from Nairobi). There, the model and the premium Anabel Pantoja They have seen all types of wild nature: lions, antelopes and buffaloes, among many other animals.

The setback before starting the trip

The newlyweds suffered a last-minute problem when choosing their final honeymoon destination. “I was going to go to Jordan, but as things are they have advised me against it,” the singer’s daughter said this Friday on the program. We’ll see.