Isa and Asraf’s first plans after ‘I do’: from their ‘express’ trip to the destination of their exotic honeymoon

Isa y Ashraf They brag about their dream relationship. After becoming husband and wife this Friday the 13th at the Hacienda de Al-Baraka (Seville), the newlyweds take advantage of their stay in the capital of Seville to walk through its streets. Likewise, two days after the wedding, the lovers are already clear about their destination for their long-awaited honeymoon.

Although the daughter of the tonadillera does not reveal the most anticipated images of her wedding with her wedding dress, she did share this Saturday the plan she made after her big day.

The husband and wife took advantage of the fact that the wedding was held in Seville to walk along the banks of the Guadalquivir. In the images that Isa published you can see the famous Golden Tower of the city. Therefore, the newlyweds supposedly strolled about 20 kilometers from the Al Bakara Estate, the Arab-style dream setting where they said ‘I do’.

Your destination for your long-awaited honeymoon

The couple opts for an exotic destination for their honeymoon. Although the exact destination is unknown, both are expected to travel to Asia next week. Likewise, the newlyweds’ first stop could be a safari. A highly requested option among celebritiesgiven that Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva They also enjoyed this experience on their honeymoon last July.