The youngest daughter of the infanta christina e Iñaki Urdangarin is about to turn 18 years old. It will be next June 5th when Irene blow out the candles and a new stage begins, one of the most important in your life. Some information suggested that the young woman was passionate about fashion and she wanted to follow in her cousin’s footsteps Victoria Federica in the world of social networks, but nothing is further from reality. For now, she will go to university and she will do it in Switzerland.

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Her parents have made sure that the girl continues on the right path and that happens by keeping her away from Spain and her Marichalar cousins. Therefore, according to The National.catIrene will study the next four years (until 2027) in EHL Hospitality Business School, an exclusive university famous for its program of studies in Business Administration and Hospitality Management. She is located in Lausanne, specifically on the shores of Lake Léman, one of the most beautiful and luxurious areas of the country, just 67 kilometers from Geneva, where she now lives with her mother.

The center, founded in 1983, has wide meadows where pollution is almost non-existent and offers various training programs, degrees and additional studies whose tuition amounts to around 35,000 euros per year, a much higher price than ESADE where Froilán and Victoria Federica studied. (15,000 euros per year). In addition, the campus has a swimming pool, gym and student residence, where Irene could settle to enjoy the full experience.

The young woman is so excited about this new stage that she already boasts of her new center on social networks, where she has set the initials of the center (EHL) and the year that she will finish her studies (27).