the smile of Julio Jose Iglesias Preysler it is permanent, just like his impeccable behavior before the media. He is wonderfully educated ever since and knows how to behave. His enviable teeth greet us with the same cordiality whether the question we ask him is uncomfortable or not. Therefore, finding out what he really thinks on a subject forces us to dig through his non-public conversations.

We have already explained in Informalia that Julio José Iglesias does not feel too much appreciation for his future brother-in-law, Iñigo Onieva, even though his imperturbable correction prevents him from going beyond answers like this when we lied to his maternal sister’s fiancé: “The important thing is that Tamara likes “he told us. But we know that when she found out that the marchioness had returned with him, she did not understand that reconciliation.

But the daughter of the Marquis de Griñón tries to put order between the two, because she wants peace to reign between both families. And she has a hard time if things go wrong. In fact, they tell us that Tamara Falco had a little discussion with Iñigo Onieva when this week he refused to go to Julio’s birthday party and went to dinner with some friends. The daughter of Isabella PreyslerOf course, she is determined to bring her boyfriend and her brother together to smooth things out. Possibly, that appointment will take place next week, before the son of Julio Iglesias and Isabel leaves Madrid to return to the United States, where he resides.

Tamara wants all of her family to attend her wedding with Onieva in July this year, and she would suffer greatly if Julio refused to attend the ceremony. She has forgiven the infidelity of her future husband but, apparently, some members of the Iglesias Preysler family are not so sure that the reveler has abandoned his customs and is a boy as formal and pious as when he accompanies mass to his future wife.

As our readers will remember, Julio, despite his kindness and conciliatory character, sent a very significant message when he found out about the breakup: “My sister deserves another type of man who is up to her in terms of feelings and kindness. Better than this happened before the wedding,” he said.

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Obviously, he did not even imagine that reconciliation would come. We are in a position to affirm that, behind closed doors, Julio José was against the link when he learned that Tamara had forgiven the festival-goer. And he’s not the only close relative of the winner of Masterchef that has the fly behind the ear. Julio José, although he does not represent them, with his young appearance and his ponytail, is already 50 years old and knows that infidelity is a “disease” for which medicine still does not guarantee a cure.