Irene Rosales against Isabel Pantoja: the culprit that her mother-in-law cannot hug Kiko Rivera

Last Monday, four days after suffering a stroke that has affected a part of his body, it came to light that, at 38 years of age, the life of the son of Isabel Pantoja it might never be the same again. It has been said that Kiko Rivera You may have partial facial paralysis and need help with certain day-to-day activities, such as washing yourself or eating. However, she was discharged from the hospital and headed to her home to continue her recovery surrounded by some of his loved ones. But not his sister and her mother, whom he has returned to mercilessly despise.

For this reason, Isabel Pantoja is “shattered”, because she cannot bear the pain of being rejected by her son. The singer hasn’t been able to see him because the DJ doesn’t want to. Isabel Pantoja, locked up in Cantora, follows the life of her children.

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A few days ago, the tonadillera returned to the media spotlight for the brain accident that forced Isa P’s brother to enter the hospital. He has not been seen at the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville, where he has been admitted. This Wednesday, the magazine Week reveals how the Sevillian singer is experiencing these difficult times that her son is going through.

The mother and son meeting has not occurred despite the seriousness of Kiko Rivera. With the DJ already at home, new possibilities opened up, but the confrontation is far from over in the Pantoja clan. The artist has not been able to be close to her son in these delicate moments and she lives the decisive hours of Kiko Rivera corroded by uncertainty. Irene Rosales is to blame that neither her mother-in-law nor her sister-in-law see it. They say it’s so he doesn’t get upset now that he’s in poor health.

Give up smoking

“Sad”, “assuming” what has happened to him and willing to change his habits because life has given him “a new opportunity”, the DJ has decided to quit smoking and take care of his diet, dispensing with fats and sugars and ready, Now yes, to start a new life.

At your side unconditionally, your great support in these very hard times, Irene Rosales. The Sevillian woman does not leave Kiko in the sun or in the shade and it is confirmed that she is the one who makes the decisions and, in order not to upset her husband, she has asked Isabel Pantoja not to come to visit him.

Paquirri’s son has exploded over the information about this new brush with his mother and sister. Despite the fact that now what he needs is to be calm and try not to see what is being said about him in the media, he has not been able to avoid jumping to stand up for Irene and make it clear that he is the one who does not want his mother and his sister Isa Pantoja go see him: “Sends noses that I have to be giving explanations of who enters or does not enter my house. Please let me rest and recover. My head still works to make decisions, do not invent or hurt later of a situation as delicate as the one I just went through. I’m just a person who has had a stroke, respect me and let me recover. My mother is not going to come and my sister much less, so let me recover, I ask you please ” posted this Tuesday on Instagram.

A forceful message with which he makes it clear that he does not want to see Isabel Pantoja or Isa, at least for now. But, who are the people who are with him besides Irene and her daughters Ana and Carlota?

In his first days at home, absolute tranquility reigns and the truth is that there have been very few visits that Kiko has received, who needs tranquility. Thus, in addition to Fran, the best friend and representative of the DJ, who is being Irene’s right hand at the moment, we have only seen Vanesa, one of the Sevillian sisters, in charge of making the purchase for them. at a nearby supermarket.