Gloria Camila’s biological mother, ready to come to the fore: they negotiate an interview

the war between Rocio Carrascolos Mohedan and the Ortega Cano It has already claimed its first victim: Glory Camila. The young woman, fresh out of reality nightmare in paradise, was overwhelmed by the family situation and made a drastic decision: start a psychological treatment and stay away from the media for a while. However, there are those who are determined to harm her and want to do so by unearthing her past.

According to Diego Arrabal, they have contacted him and other Spanish media from Colombia to offer them an interview with the biological mother of Gloria Camila and José Fernando. The lady is willing to come out of anonymity to tell her story and claim the affection of her children, as the biological mother of One Pi Many years ago.

It must be remembered that the adoption of Gloria Camila, as well as that of Isa Pi, has always raised doubts about the legality with which it was carried out. So, at least, she let it glimpse Antonio David Flores years ago, during a confrontation with Ortega Cano: “You keep silent about my children and I will keep quiet about the way you and Rocío did to adopt yours.”