Inma Cuesta, on her sexual orientation: “I have never been in any closet”

Happy in her pregnancy, the 42-year-old actress has opened up about some aspects of her personal life. Despite being very reserved, she has clarified the reason why she did not speak openly about her sexual orientation before. She has also talked about what it was like for her to grow up in a small town with no gay references.

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Inma Cuestaa native of Arquillos, Jaén, has lamented in stretching the gumpodcast by Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martín: “In my town there was not a single homosexual personnow people are a little more free to say it, but not before. There were hardly any references. And from the inside everything was fine, but from the outside it wasn’t.”

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On the other hand, the protagonist of the sleeping voice has assured that she has never hidden her sexual orientation: “I have always led my life and I have done what I wanted. I’ve never been in a closet. But in a certain way I have been facing the rest of the people because you don’t tell them about your life.”

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In this sense, he added: “I have always been super faithful to me and what I wanted. If they asked me about something directly and I didn’t feel prepared because it involved another person or whatever… I did triqui triqui and I said ‘Oh, how do you like love’… But I have never said no“.

The actress, who years ago was romantically related to the singer Vanessa MartinShe is very reserved with her private life. She maintains the anonymity of her girlfriend, with whom she has a daughter, who was born before the pandemic. “To all the media that have reported the news assuring that it is my second pregnancy, I am sorry to correct you but it is the first time that I am pregnant. It would be good to check the information before inventing it. Thank you,” explained the Jaén native at the beginning of 2023 after announcing her pregnancy. She clarified that it is the second time that she will become a mother, but the first time she is pregnant.

In the summer of last year, on the occasion of LGTBIQ+ Pride, he wrote a post that went viral: “For all the times I kept silent and thought I was not hiding, for all the times they denied me and I looked the other way, denying myself Me too. ‘Who did you tell?’, ‘Who knows about us?’, ‘She’s my friend…'”, she reflected. “Life behind closed doors, so as not to disturb and so that no one feels ashamed of what they say. ‘Be careful, it’s not necessary for everyone to know about you either’. I grew up without references, feeling alone in many moments of my adolescence” he added.

And he concluded with a message addressed to certain sectors of the political class: “In these rare times in which hate speech wants to take away our rights, making ourselves visible and raising our voices makes us stronger by creating a sense of union and community.”