Harry, smiling and exhilarated, arrives in London: will he accept his father’s invitation to go to the coronation?

He Prince Harry has traveled by surprise to London. From her mansion in Montecito, in Los Angeles, she has landed in the British capital, where she has attended a private oral hearing in her legal battle against the publishing group Associated Newspaper Limited (ANL). It has been this Monday, March 27, when she has arrived at the courts. He was very smiling and was accompanied by two bodyguards (photo above).

Harry’s smile is evident. His legal battle against the publishing group of the Daily Mail It is one more front that he opened in his fight to protect his privacy and that of his family. The duke accuses the corporation of using methods outside the law, such as the installation of wiretaps, even an alleged payment to police officers. In the words of his lawyers, “criminal” methods, described as “despicable.” This same group has also been sued by Sir Elton John.

Remember that the son of Charles III won the lawsuit against Mail on Sunday whom he accused of defamation. This demand, which has led him to travel to London, comes when there are just a few weeks left for the celebration of the monarch’s coronation, which will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.

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With the date up, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not yet confirmed their attendance, despite receiving the invitation, via email, at the beginning of March. This visit by Harry to British soil may lead to a real rapprochement between father and son, who caused a devastating effect on the institution with his memories, In the shadow (Spare). Charles III He has tried to build bridges with Harry through two gestures: showing him his wish that they attend the ceremony and accepting that his Sussex grandchildren are called Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.