One day after announcing wedding, Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva already face their first controversy as engaged. Edatv has released some images in which the businessman is seen making out with a girl who is not the Marchioness of Griñón.

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The daughter of Isabel Preysler received the video at 9 am this Friday. She gave him truth and was “shattered”. However, Onieva’s explanations have had an effect and, for now, the wedding is still going on. According to sources close to the businessman, the images correspond to 2019.

In the meantime, the exclusive negotiation of the wedding with Holawhich began a week before the request was made and the commitment was made public.

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On the other hand, the wedding announcement has promoted the second part of the Netflix documentary, which Tamara Falcó and her representatives were negotiating. Company sources confirm to Informalia that “with added content such as a wedding, continuity is assured”.

In fact, according to Ivan Garcia in it’s already noonthe recording date of the second part of The marquesse would have “precipitated” the proposal by the Madrid car designer.

The engagement ring that Carlos Falcó’s daughter wears is from the Italian firm Repossi. A white gold jewel with three diamonds, which has a price of 14.500 euros, as can be seen on the jewelry website itself. The original design was chosen by Iñigo with the help of his mother, Carolina Molasbecause “Tamara liked it”, according to the Marquise’s mother-in-law.

“Tamara is wonderful, she is better than she appears on television. We are delighted to have her in the family,” Molas confessed. In addition, she defined Isabel Preylser as a “very nice woman” and assured that she is also “very happy” with the marriage commitment of her children.