The one who was promised Tamara Falco remains in the spotlight a week after images of him kissing another woman at the Burning Man music festival came to light. They are the first in a long list of ‘inappropriate’ behavior by the engineer that could see the light very soon, because a group of women, all ‘ex’ of Inigo Onievawould have associated to sell their images to a major television network.

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The price of the same is not negligible: 100,000 euros. According to ABCthe negotiations are on the table and this group of women would be rubbing their hands with the pinch that they could get out of the humiliating situation of Onieva, who has not shown her face since she admitted last Saturday, via statement, that she had been unfaithful to the woman to whom three days before he had asked to marry.

The businessman’s environment assures that he is very affected and almost obsessed with the idea of ​​finding the person who leaked that first video that has cost him his reputation and marquisate. Apparently, Inigo has two suspectsbelong to his closest circle and were with him at the famous festival that took place almost a month ago in the Nevada desert.

The situation has not only cost Onieva a fiancée but also his job, as Joaquín Prat revealed this Friday, the owners of the Madrid restaurant that employed him as public relations have decided to dispense with their services under the circumstances.