On Thursday, October 20, the La Cartuja Stadium (Seville) will host the second induction ceremony into the ‘Spanish Basketball Hall of Fame’ promoted by the FEB, where a total of 19 personalities will be honored.

The largest group is made up of players, with the entry of Clifford Luyk, Nino Buscató, José Manuel Calderón, Blanca Ares, Elisa Aguilar, Oscar Schmidt (International) and Uliana Semenova (Extraordinary).

In addition, coaches Lolo Sainz, Aíto García Reneses and Javier Imbroda (In Memoriam) will also be recognized; referee Francisco Monjas; the contributors Jorge Guillén, Pedro Barthe, Ernesto Segura de Luna (In Memoriam), Raimundo Saporta (In Memoriam), Pilar Godia (In Memoriam), Hector Quiroga (In Memoriam) and Junta de Andalucía (Extraordinary). Also the 1984 Male Absolute Selection.