Two days after some images came to light in which he kisses a girl who is not Tamara Falco, Inigo Onieva He has been forced to give explanations and publicly apologize to his, until now, fiancée.

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“In the videos released I appear in an unacceptable attitude, for which I am absolutely sorry and devastated for it,” the statement begins.

In this sense, he acknowledges his mistake: “I apologize for not having been honest and I apologize to Tamara and her family publicly. I am completely in love with Tamara and she is the woman of my life, so it hurts me enormously to have hurt her.”

“To avoid further damage to Tamara and our families, I ask that images that may affect our right to privacy not continue to be disseminated, and that you refrain from publishing information that is affecting our privacy,” concludes the businessman.

Initially, Onieva had assured that the controversial images corresponded to 2019 and not this year. However, certain details of the video in question revealed that she was lying. For example, the song playing in the background is Leaves Bath (Maz Remix), a song by Luedji Luna & Maz that didn’t exist until last spring. This makes it impossible for the images to be three years old.

And if that was not enough, Marinathe girl with whom Íñigo kisses in the video, what we discovered this saturday, has in his highlights a photo with Onieva at the music festival two weeks ago, not from 2019 as the car designer claims. In addition, in one of his publications you can read that it is his first time at the festival. The evidence was there.