Íñigo Onieva explodes and dismisses Tamara Falcó’s special friend as a mole and traitor: “A pity”

He hasn’t bitten his tongue. Inigo Onieva has already reacted in first person to the information related to Tamara Falco y Hugo Arevalothe businessman who has become the cloth of tears of the Marquise de Griñón and who is (or was) a friend of both of them.

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On the one hand, the Madrid car designer has confirmed what had been discussed in the last few hours. Nothing more and nothing less than the promise that both he and Tamara made to Hugo: “I was going to be the godfather. I told him I was going to be the godfather.”

For the businessman of the night, it has been quite a surprise to discover that his ex-fiancée and his friend are together: “A pity”, he snapped this Friday in the middle of the street, after being surprised by the press.

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When asked if he thinks it was Hugo who leaked his famous video kissing another woman in Nevada, he replied, indignant: “I don’t think it’s him, but surely other things.” In this way, he has branded him as a mole without hardly ruffling his hair.

Goodbye, Inigo

It must be remembered that Tamara and Íñigo got engaged in September and, just one day after the announcement of the engagement, the famous video of Onieva with another woman was leaked. Íñigo tried to get Enrique Iglesias’s sister back without success, since the marquise made it very clear to him that she no longer wanted anything with him. She then cut off all communication between the two. Hugo Arévalo, co-founder of Tuenti and entrepreneur, offered him a shoulder to lean on and Íñigo seems to annoy him. Anyway…