Infanta Sofía takes a step forward and sponsors her first solo act

The institutional prominence of the youngest daughter of the family increases kings Felipe and Letiziawho will turn 17 on the 29th. Infanta Sofia, who has been studying at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales since last August, will step forward to sponsor his first solo act: a new photography contest that will bear his name. The sister of the Princess Eleanor She will be in charge of presenting the awards “as the youngest member of the Royal House, to which the institution is so closely linked.”

This new initiative, which is titled Heritage Objective. Infanta Sofía Photography Contest, which seeks to disseminate and share through images the historical, cultural and natural heritage of our country with photographs of palaces, monasteries, natural spaces, historical gardens and works of art that starting next the 21st will be openly photographable. The deadline to present the works will be September 30, 2024 and one month later, the jury will publish its decision.

It will be, as we said, the first solo act for Infanta Sofía, who has already participated in a multitude of events but always in the company of her parents and Leonor, or even alone with her sister, as happened in the summer of 2021, when she They traveled to the Hayedo de Montejo (Madrid) to plant several trees as a closing ceremony for the One Tree for Europe campaign.

Sofia has become Leonor’s greatest supporter, the heir to the throne. They are very close and their parents have wanted there to be no differences between them in terms of the treatment and education they receive despite the different institutional roles they are destined to play. For this reason, the princess entered the UWC Atlantic College boarding school in Wales last August, where the princess studied the International Baccalaureate. Everything indicates that later, once completed, she could also enter the Zaragoza Military Academy to receive military training.