Inés Arrimadas and her new life with Guillermo Díaz, former colleague in Ciudadanos

Their love broke from using it so much… or from not using it, as Rosalía now sings. After the rumors of separation that surfaced a few months ago and that the former politician took it upon herself to deny, Ines Arrimadas has put an end to his six years of marriage with Xavier Cima, the father of her two children: Alex which was born in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and Marc, who was born in March of last year. It must be remembered that Informalia This summer he already spoke about the complicity and rapprochement of the former leader of Ciudadanos with someone who was one of his colleagues in the orange formation, Guillermo Diaz.

He has become her great support and great refuge after leaving politics in June of this year as a result of her party’s electoral debacle. For some time now, there has been talk among her colleagues about the extinct orange formation of a “distancing” between Inés Arrimadas and the father of her two children, who have already separated definitively according to The confidential. What’s more, it was said that she moved to Jerez not only because it is her homeland and her family lives there but also because she is closer to Malaga, the city where Guillermo Díaz was a deputy and where she resides. .

Inés Arrimadas and Guillermo Díaz

Their closeness “is not from now”, but from “a long time ago”: “They coincided and worked together during the stage in which they campaigned for the internal primaries against the candidacy of Edmundo Bal,” close sources told us at the time. Guillermo Díaz was born in Melilla and lived in various places such as Badajoz, Bilbao, Pamplona or Aguadulce, until the family settled in Malaga. Graduated in Law from the University of Malaga, he is a lawyer, although he does not currently practice. He works as cinema exhibition complex manager and has collaborated with several media outlets in scientific and historical dissemination programs.

In 2013 he joined Ciudadanos and in the 2016 general elections he was number two on the list for the province of Malaga. At the moment, and until August 17, he is a deputy in Congress. In April 2019, Arrimadas placed him as the head of the list for the province of Malaga, winning the seat and, after the elections in November of the same year, he maintained the seat.

On June 2 he announced that he was leaving politics. He then told journalists in an appearance without questions “it is good” that political activity “is temporary” and that “it is good to know how to leave.” His resignation occurred 24 hours after Inés Arrimadas, former leader of the orange party, also announced that he was leaving political life after Ciudadanos’ electoral failure on March 28.

Inés Arrimadas and Xavier Cima

The former leader of the orange formation, who has not yet rejoined the labor market, and the businessman, who works in Jerez as a consultant for his company, met in 2013 and said “I do” three years later in Jerez of the Border. He was a deputy for Convergència i Unió in the Parliament of Catalonia and left his political career in favor of that of his wife.

She moved with her children to her native Jerez last April. Inés became the mother of her first child in the midst of confinement due to Covid-19. The firstborn is called Alex and was born in May 2020. His little brother, Marcwas born in March 2022.