They already have a love nest in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Vitoria, but they try to hide their location from the paparazzi who control their steps. Iñaki Urdangarin y Ainhoa ​​Armentia do not permanently occupy the little apartment: the husband of the infanta christina He lives with his mother, and the woman he loves in his parents’ house.

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They have also been seen enjoying weekends, as the agencies have discovered, in the Parador de Argomaniz, located eleven kilometers from the capital of Vitoria, where, they tell us, they took advantage of the offer of 86 euros per room per day, a cheap whim but a birthday whim for the Basque lawyer because they went to a hostel in the same city where they already have an apartment.

In the environment of the son-in-law of the emeritus kings, it is speculated that Iñaki hopes to obtain a divorce from the mother of his children as soon as possible to marry in a civil ceremony with the woman for whom he drinks the winds. Her relationship is very consolidated and it is understood that they want to strengthen it with a wedding that, in no case, would they want it to be in the media. Another thing is that they get it. Only family and closest friends would be invited to the link.

The children of the former handball player do not know Ainhoa ​​personally, and, as we already published, the infanta is the one who puts obstacles to such a meeting, and, also, to the fact that Iñaki’s youngest daughter, Irenehas fully positioned itself next to her mother and it does not seem that for the moment the young woman has the slightest intention of seeing her father’s girlfriend.

On the other hand, we know that Urdangarin has been reflecting his day-to-day life and his reflections in several notebooks for years, a document so valuable that he has received offers from two publishers to write his memoirs. For now, he has rejected them, and a source assures us that the brother-in-law of Philip VI has received some other advice to refrain from publishing them. Because they would be a bombshell if he decides to reveal secrets accumulated in so long of ties to the family of the infanta. Although the temptation is as great as the seven-figure check that has been put on the table.

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Many wonder what such a controversial character lives on, it was even stated that he receives a monthly pension from his ex-wife, but there is no confirmation in this regard. The thing is, he doesn’t seem to be in need of money. And no one believes that Ainhoa ​​is the one who supports him financially.