Iñaki Urdangarin accepts the divorce agreement with one condition: no more “browns”

Green light to formalize the separation of the infanta christina e Iñaki Urdangarin. The royal son-in-law has accepted the economic conditions offered by the mother of his children (and backed by Don Juan Carlos) and will receive something more than 25,000 euros per month from the signing of the divorce, in addition to two million euros in a single payment as compensation. Of course, the former handball player has set a condition: all in writing and in A.

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“Urdangarin has tired of so many browns, that he has already eaten many,” Galiacho said in Four a day. “He wants everything that is given to him to be money in A, that is, that it is recorded in a written and private document, where the exact amount that is given to him appears to justify it before possible investigations that he may have with the Treasury,” assures the journalist.

Thus, the divorce between Urdangarin and Cristina could be signed next June, when the youngest of their four children, Irene, turns 18. worth noting the important role that King Juan Carlos has played in the negotiation, because her daughter did not want to give in to the economic claims of her still husband. “The emeritus has said that negotiations and haggling should stop and that the divorce be closed once and for all; that he will assume what he has to assume, including the added cost,” she assured last week.