Carmen Lomana attacks Jorge Javier Vázquez and calls him “sectarian”

The socialite has shown her face for Mario Vaquerizothe marriage to which Jorge Javier Vazquez has harshly criticized on his blog this Wednesday. The presenter has branded him as a hypocrite and Carmen Lomanawho adores him, has pulled out his nails against the man from Badalona: “One of the people I love the most in my life and that today Jorge Javier has attacked him and his wife Alaska, in a cynical and shameful article”, he has written on their social networks.

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Lomana has not cut a hair to put Jorge Javier in his place: “If you don’t think like JJ you are already a detestable being. What madness is he falling into? Don’t pay attention to this sectarian. Mario, you continue to succeed. We love you”it is finished.

Jorge Javier has titled his post ‘Alaska and Mario, the great disappointment’, and in it he criticized the statements that the latter offered in the Paz Padilla program, Let yourself be loved, where he assured that we live in a moment in which everything that is said must be measured. “It seems that you hardly listen to your wife sharing a microphone with a being whose only known virtue is to vomit falsehoods and impute false crimes with the same ease that the Euromillions numbers are dictated.” Although she has not named him by name and surname, Vázquez refers to Federico Jiménez Losantos’ EsRadio program, where Alaska has collaborated for years. “Let’s be disappointed, Mario. You can’t be at everything,” Jorge wrote.