“In Madrid you cannot give full responsibility to young people”

“I have never experienced anything like it in my entire life.” And it admits: “The days without football are very, very long.” He is Fabio Capello (73 years old), a football myth with whom we analyze Madrid news. The Italian asks that if a renewal of the template is made “with signings that make the difference.”

-Where do you spend these days?

-Where I live, in Lugano.

-How is the theme there?

-Just like in Italy, it is Switzerland but border. People do not leave home.

-But is there an obligation of confinement?

-Not yet, but people respect him.

-And how are you?

-Well, calm down, with my wife … Without watching soccer.

“With this break there is no longer a favorite between Manchester City and Real Madrid”

-We are not accustomed.

– (Laughs). The day is very long, very long. But you have to give thanks because nobody has fallen in my family. This is going to get very complicated worldwide. In Lombardy, in Bergamo and Brescia, he hit very hard. And it is a reduced site that has 10 million people. It's a problem.

-The Euro Cup went to 2021. Good idea?

Very good idea. It is not known when all this will end. We have to put everything next year, everything, everything …

-And the Leagues?

– It is not possible to be said if they will be played, we will see. What you can not do is play soccer with which you are falling. Look at Valencia, Espanyol, Alavés … It will not be easy. I started playing in the late 50s, already after the War, and I have not experienced anything like it.

“If now the players continue eating like when they are training … bad”

-How does a coach manage such a break?

-Impossible. You can only hope that your players are professionals, that they take care of themselves, that they don't put on weight … If they continue eating like when they train, say goodbye.


– Although good, now there is not a star that does not train with a personal trainer.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

– Was he watching the League?

-I always follow Spanish teams. It was a surprise to see Atlético win against Liverpool. Simeone raised a great match. Nothing can be blamed on him. I liked his game so much, I could only do what he did. Because he has the best goalkeeper, Oblak.

-And Madrid?

-Well, I couldn't say, at times he has problems, at times he plays very well.

-Why that irregularity?

-You need leaders in the field. The team must have a benchmark, someone to follow who transmits the desire to win. I had Raúl, Hierro, Redondo … They always wanted.

-And now there is no Christian.

– That is … I always as a television commentator said: “If you want to beat Madrid you have to score at least two goals”. Because you knew that Cristiano put a safe one. And the same with Barça and Messi, huh?

“Zidane came back and took a risk … That defines men lols”

-Does Madrid need a renovation?

– It is necessary to do it, but with care. You have to sign players who make the differences. Because when you wear the Madrid or Barça shirt it is a shirt that weighs. And if you don't have a lot of quality, you can't do it, you get lost.

-I get it…

-The same thing happened in my time in Milan, when it was time to play at San Siro. There were players who thought they were good and … and they got lost.

-Rodrygo, Brahim, Vinicius, Odegaard … It is Madrid's new policy.

-Waiting for them to explode. In my second stage in Madrid they signed us to Marcelo, Gago and Higuaín. In December the president came to me: “Why don't you put them on, Fabio!” “Because they are kids,” I said, “you have to wait a bit. They are the future, they can make history later.” And then the only one who did little was Gago, the other two did their part. They needed experience and personality. There is


-You have to sign young people and go little by little with them, take care of them. You cannot give him responsibility now.

– Ramos said it before the City: “It is a game for men, children, aside.” How is the tie?

-For me it changes everything. With this break there is no favorite. We do not know, if it is played, how the teams can be found. There are no favorites, no one knows …

– it surprised to him that Zidane returned to the bench?

-You always have to take risks, there you see the men … I wish you all the luck.