The technical secretary Barcelona seems to bet decidedly for the young Brazilian talent in the last year of the mandate of the board chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu. At surprise hires from the midfielders Matheus Fernandes and Matheus Pereira joins the latest news that the blaugrana club It has been made with an option preferences for Gustavo Maia, a 19-year-old Sao Paulo forward.

As confirmed on Thursday ESPN Brazil, the blaugrana club has already paid one million euros by Purchase option for the Brazilian player and if he wants close the deal will have to put 3.5 million euros before June 30 to be done with 70% of their rights economic. The remaining 30% would be kept by Sao Paulo.

This operation is done three months after Barcelona unexpectedly closed two agreements with Juventus for Matheus Pereira and with Palmeiras for Matheus Fernandez while letting four players formed in The farmhouse like Carles Pérez, Carles Aleñá, Abel Ruiz Y Alexander Marquis left the club.

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Matheus Fernandes (21 years old) is a defensive means formed in the Botafogo, team that transferred him to Palmeiras from where this winter market came to Barcelona in exchange for 7 million euros plus three in variables. Barça, the last day of the market yielded to Valladolid until the end of the season.

Matheus Pereira (22 years old) joined this winter to Barcelona B in a strange exchange operation with the Juventus, what signed the young striker from Barcelona Alejandro Marqués for 8.2 million euros. Barça received in addition to money the transfer of Pereira with a mandatory purchase clause by the same amount. A trading card that looks more like trading to balance balances than sports interest.

These two surprising operations have been now added Maia's in a clear commitment to bet on young brazilian values before they explode and are out of the club's economy.