In bad weather, a good face: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck deny rumors of crisis due to their comeback together

In recent days the rumor has resurfaced strongly that Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck They are going through a serious crisis in their marriage. Rumors that reached the artist’s ears when she was directly asked about it a few days ago and she responded with an answer that became viral on social networks, although she did not confirm or deny the information about their relationship.

This weekend they intensified again after she reappeared at a market with her head down with her daughter Emme (16). However, we have also learned that she was with her husband at the graduation of Violet (18), the eldest daughter of the director of Argowhich took place in Los Angeles.

The two were even photographed holding hands, turning a deaf ear to the temporary evil hanging over their marriage. They were both very appropriate for the occasion, she in a floral dress and he in a light gray suit, carrying a box with pink tissue paper inside it.

Along with them were also Emme herself, daughter of JLo and Marc Anthony; and Fin and Samuel, who are the other two children of Affleck and Jennifer Garner and are 15 and 12 years old respectively. The graduate’s grandmothers were also present at this special event and among the plans that the couple also shared this weekend, a Samuel basketball game, in which Garner herself was also present. With a tender kiss on the cheek in front of the photographers, they tried to say many things with a single gesture.

This is the first time that the artists appear together after the crisis rumors. Rumors that arose last March following some photographs of the actor looking for a house in the center of New York. The last appearances of the singer, alone at the premiere of her film Atlas and also at the MET gala, they did nothing but stir up the storm.

The love story between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck goes back a long way. They began their romance in 2001, after meeting on the set of the movie Lilies, but their very busy schedules and problems living together ruined their relationship. They remade their lives with other couples and created their own families: she with Marc Anthony, with whom she had two twin children, Emme and Max; and he with Jennifer Garner, with whom he fathered Violet, Fin and Sam.

Lopez and Affleck regained contact during the Covid pandemic and gave themselves a second chance, including a wedding, in the summer of 2022. “Divorce is on the table, it’s over”, a person very close to the actor told the American tabloids. “For once, it’s not his fault. Now he’s focusing on his job and his children.” And he added: “A constant problem in their relationship has been the way they handle fame, Jennifer loves the media attention and Ben runs away from it.”