“I’m not guilty of anything”

Gianluigi Donnarummagoalkeeper of PSGwas one of the great protagonists in the elimination of the Parisian team in the Champions League at the hands of Real Madrid in the round of 16. The Italian goalkeeper lost the ball that led to Benzema’s goal and the subsequent white comeback, but he does not consider himself guilty since, in his opinion, “the goal was not valid” due to the Frenchman’s fault.

“No, absolutely not, we know how it happened. I’m not guilty of anything,” he bluntly assured. Donnarumma in an interview granted to the AFP agency when asked if he felt guilty about the elimination. “The goal was not valid, but we could have managed the consequences better. We are very disappointed, like all the fans, and we are looking forward to playing the Champions League again to try to win it,” said the goalkeeper.

“Now we have to look forward, what is past is past and there is nothing we can do to go back. It was a blow, the following days were not easy,” he continued. Donnarummawhich appeals not to convert the Champions League in an obsession for the Parisian entity.

“Too much obsession can turn into tension and will get us nowhere. It won’t be easy, but we have the means to win the Champions“, valued the goalkeeper, who did not want to get wet when asked if Mbappe will continue in the PSG. “I don’t know, we don’t talk about it. It’s his decision and he’ll make it very serenely. I’d be glad if he stayed, like all his teammates, but he’ll make his decision with the family and do what’s best for him,” he said. Italian goalkeeper.

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