“I’m going to tattoo the goal of the 14th and it will be from Marcelo!”

The center of Paris, a few meters from the still suffering Notre Dame Cathedral, received the Orejona yesterday, the holy grail that Madridistas and Reds are looking for tomorrow. The two hobbies began to interweave the crowded Parisian tourist center with white and red, songs and dreams with ordinal number names: the Fourteenth in Cibeles or the Seventh towards the Mersey…

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

Shield/Flag Liverpool

The city of light began to receive the first contingents of madridistas, most of them by plane on direct routes or as strange as stopovers at Nantes airport, one of those that will absorb those who cannot at Orly and Charles de Gaulle. A good number will burn kilometers by bus from noon today with a Madrid-Paris hit. Others come across oceans, literally.

This is how Lalo has done it, recently arrived from Mexico wearing a mini-sized cape with which he emulates the famous verónicas of Raúl, Ramos and now Nacho to take the photo with the Cup. His right leg is the Sistine Chapel of European Real Madrid. Tattoos of Zidane’s volley in Glasgow and Ramos’ 93rd minute in Lisbon, the dates of all the finals in white history and room for one more, the goal of the Fourteenth. “I’m going to score the goal of the Decimofourta and I’d like it to be Marcelo’s”, he announces with faith.

On the part of Liverpool there are also curious stories. Like that of Alex, recently landed with four friends from Dublin and without tickets, he has come “just for the atmosphere”. He does not lose heart even if in the end he does not achieve any place in the Stade de France. “We are the best fans in the world and we show it on trips like this.” He perks up before even being asked with a forecast (“3-1, with two goals from Mané”). His group, made up of Anfield veterans, carries a huge flag with a message for Madrid, because it recalls the victory against Madrid in Paris in 1981 and the goal scored by Barney Rubble (Pablo Mármol), the nickname of network legend Alan Kennedy.

Good previous vibes between both hobbies, despite the pique for the 2018 final in kyiv, at a party in which he was seen by the Champions Village located in the square of the Hôtel de Ville (the Parisian City Hall) as one more Cristiano Felicio fan , Brazilian former Chicago Bulls pivot, now in the German league and a fan of his compatriots from Madrid, enjoying himself like a little boy even though his 2.11 meter height was anything but discreet. This final is for everyone.