Video games are of many types, from action games to mystery ones. Over the years, these games including NetEnt games have become a lot more popular. Now, almost everyone likes to play these games, either on their laptops/PCs or through the gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. However, these games somehow lack appeal and performance compared with Madden, FIFA, and the NBA.

Some of the top developers develop these sports games globally, so they are so special and popular. While these are also considered video games, they offer an exceptional level of immersive experience that you won’t find anywhere else. 

So, if you are confused about what sets FIFA, NBA, and Madden apart from other video games and NetEnt games, do not worry any further. We have explained everything in this below section to have the necessary clarification. 

Intuitive User interface 

One of the main reasons FIFA, NBA, and Madden have gained so much popularity lately is their user interfaces. The UI is user-friendly and intuitive, but it offers an immersive experience to the players. While playing the games, you will feel like you are one of the players and playing on the actual field against your biggest opponent. 

The graphics, response time, and other controls of the UI make these games so different from other video games. However, they help you enjoy the virtual world just like the real one. So, if you haven’t tried playing these games, download them and start playing. 

No Similarity in the Gameplay 


You won’t find multiple NBA-related games or FIFA-based games on the market. However, when you plan to play games like clash of titans, the gameplay is almost similar. Only the graphics, audio/visuals, awards, and other things differ. But you will hardly find any difference between them.

This is where FIFA, Madden, and NBA are so different from other games. These gameplays are unique, and you won’t find any competitors. All these games are based on real-life rules and regulations. Like how a player gets a red or yellow card while playing basketball or football, the same rules apply to the video game. So, playing them will give you a realistic experience, with the only difference being in the virtual platform. 

A Huge Range of Varieties Within the Games 

You can choose to play in different tournaments with various clubs and countries. In addition, you can try out the international teams, local clubs, etc. It is impossible to find such a wide range of options in any other video game. This is why NBA, FIFA, and Madden are so popular in the e-sports category. 

The best part of these sports is that all the players and teams represent the original ones. When you play FIFA, you will get players like Leonel Messi, Ronaldo, etc. Similarly, while choosing your team in the NBA, you can easily select the club you like. 

Final Thoughts

We have explained the significant factors that set games like NBA, Madden, and FIFA different from other video games. So, now without restraint, try out these games and experience the unique features they offer.