“If the party had to fall from one side, it was without a doubt ours”

The triumph before the leader. “If the party had to fall from one side, it was clear that it was ours. I see it clear. In the first half we played a very serious game. They don't suffer even defending close to goal. But we had several approaches. The key was not to receive goals. In the end these parties cheat. There are even matches, which you take to your field, but in a mistake they mark you ”.

More than three points. “The triumph reaffirms us. We were not so bad in Tenerife to lose. Espanyol continues to be the leader and the clear favorite to be promoted. But this victory pushes us. We do many things well. We have the best proof now, with two games in a row away from home ”.

Challenge away from home. “We were unlucky because the two games are very close, on Thursday and Sunday, and with displacements. We will surely have to use more players. There are several with discomfort and fatigue ”.

The alignment. “We don't have a starting team. The changes compared to the other day were few because we did better than it seemed. Surely now there will be minutes for many people, and we hope to add more players ”.

The headdresses. “It will be difficult for Antoñín and Velázquez to be there in the next game. Velázquez already has some damage to his adductor, but I don't know exactly how he is now. Doctors will say ”.

Boring party. “It has not been boring. To the public it may seem boring, but as a technician it was not. We did many things well so that they did not arrive and to keep a clean sheet. It gives us good results putting Isi on a different leg ”.

The state of the lawn. “Vicente is probably right, he is better than in the two previous games, but they have room for improvement, there were areas where it was not very dense. It was slippery. Players can skate a bit more, you had to be technically fine. “