He Atlético de Madrid is experiencing a roller coaster of emotions this season. If after winning 6-1 at Pomegranate the euphoria began to seize a large sector of the fans, after the two draws it dropped significantly and now it would be normal for was through the roof again after winning the Celtic
. No, for the victory itself, but for the defeats of both Real Madrid Y Barcelona that show that the two 'giants' of the championship are not infallible as in previous years.

And is that right now the Atlético de Madrid it is the only undefeated team in the championship. And that before starting the day there were up to four teams with that award. However the Seville fell in the final minutes against him Pomegranate for a goal of Yangel Herrera, after the rojiblancos fulfilled their objective, the defeat at the home of the Real Madrgo in Valdebebas before a newly promoted like him Cadiz. He ‘Choco’ Lozano he made the only goal of the game. And already at night in the Alfonso Pérez he Getafe, under the pseudonym Fe CF, it became the first team in the League to beat the Barcelona. 1-0 goal of Bush penalty.

It is not by chance …

If the set of Diego Pablo Simeone It is currently the only team in the League that has not lost any of its matches, it is not by chance, in Bullets the colchoneros also equaled their record of days without knowing the defeat. 20 matches in a row scoring points. 11 victories and nine draws have been added by Cholo's pupils during this period. So far they had only achieved something like this in 2017 when they reaped 13 wins and seven draws. A record that could surpass next Saturday by beating the Betis in the Metropolitan.

To find the last defeat of the Atlético de Madrid in the League you have to go back to February 1, 2020 when it fell by the minimum in the Santiago Bernabeu against him Real Madrid. 260 days without losing in the League. Since then he has not lost the league. More than a full lap without losing, and that he has visited complicated fields such as Camp Nou, Mestalla or San Mamés. They still haven't lost in the league since the new normal due to Coronavirus settle on the world scene.

Atlético beat Celta in Balaídos

New challenges

After beating the record of 20 consecutive days without losing the pupils of Simeone they can be challenged to beat the best consecutive winning streak. He arrived in 2013-14 with nine wins. From March 8 to April 27, 2014 celebrating victories: 0-2 at Celta, 1-0 at Spanish, 0-2 to Betis, 1-0 to Pomegranate, 1-2 to Athletic, 1-0 to Villarreal, 0-2 to Getafe, 2-0 to Elche and 0-1 to Valencia.

Of course, the truth is that the only defeat that the colchoneros have suffered since February 1, 2020 meant their elimination from the Champions League. Came before the RB Leipzig by 2-1, in a day to forget about the box Simeone.


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