“If he’s so unhappy, it’s his problem, not yours.”

Sofía Cristo has said enough in Public mirrorwhere this Wednesday he completely collapsed after his brother’s latest exclusive. Ángel Cristo Jr. has announced his wedding to Ana Herminia in Readings but he has taken advantage of the occasion to offer new headlines against Bárbara Rey. Headlines that are difficult for us to reproduce due to the cruelty of the circus tamer’s son, which is still very topical after his controversial time in Survivorsand the Murcian star.

Since October there has been continuous abuse of my mother, by this person and the media that collaborates with this abuse.. My mother is an abused woman and this perpetuates it. They don’t leave her alone and they don’t let her live“, Sofia Cristo lamented, bursting into tears immediately afterwards. “Really, I can’t take it anymore”he pointed out.

Next, the DJ implored from the program in which she collaborates: “I want them to leave her aloneI have never spoken ill of anyone. When I have spoken about my mother it has been to defend her from my father, who mistreated her.“. And he has implored: “I can’t take it anymore, let them leave us alone. [su hermano y Ana Herminia] “Sell everything, but leave us alone.”.

Ángel has not mentioned his sister in his new exclusive, but Sofía feels the attacks on her mother as if they were directed at herself: “This is a fucking psychological blow. My mother will die one day, she is 64 years old, and she will leave with this”. And he added: “At least let him enjoy me in the years he has left, because we have suffered enough.”.

“I don’t mess with anyone, I don’t hurt anyone. Why are people like that?”she also asked herself, broken in tears: “I will forgive him when he is dead, like my father”.

Susanna Griso covers her up live

While Sofía Cristo was disconsolate with Gema López, Susanna Griso intervened and entered the screen: “I’ve wanted to hug you for a while. “If you’re unfortunate enough to sell these things, it’s their problem, not yours.”. And he has given him some advice: “It will hurt to the extent that you let him hurt you. I know it is difficult to speak from the outside, but the only thing you can do is distance yourself and take refuge in your mother”.

Cristo, who is dedicated to her gigs and even plays at Tomorrowland this summer, has considered leaving her job on television so as not to have to comment on the continuous statements that her brother has been making against her mother on another network for months and other media. “I’m tired. I’ve reached my limit. When this happens, I ask my teammates to comment on it.”has said.

At the same time, she has questioned her own work, regretting that she may be hired on the set of Antena 3 to comment on family conflicts. Griso herself has denied it and has conveyed her full support to him: “You are here by yourself”. And Gema López has clarified it: “When the program management called you in September, this problem had not arisen.. He believes in Sofia Christ. Even if you doubt it right now, there are people on this team who love and value you very much.“.