German Burgos, who was second coach of the Atlético de Madrid Until a few weeks ago, he has given interviews to RNE and Radio Eter in which he reviews his objectives in this new stage that he has decided to start after being, for many years, an assistant Diego Simeone in the mattress set.


“We have had interesting conversations with great teams. We are preparing together with our coaching staff. I wanted to gamble ”.


“You have to solve things and be close to the player and that closeness makes the player learn much more. We have a great relationship, nothing ago I sent him a message. I understand that you are looking for something to start, but where there is none, there is none ”.

Fernando Torres

“He is the only world champion who came out of the lower ranks of Atleti.”


“Now my goal is to direct all over the world, and as Marcelo Bielsa said, the only thing that is not business is that it does not run. Later, a Román Riquelme could play in any team on the planet, but as Carlos Bilardo did with Diego Maradona, you had to build a team around him so that they could run less, as happened with Enzo Francescoli in River ”.

the beginning

“My first great memories of football have to do with the Mar del Plata team. I always miss Mar del Plata, friends, the beach, and everything that one left in that city ”.


“First I will direct in Spain and later, some day, if the opportunity presents itself, I will do it in River. But I will never direct Real Madrid, Barcelona or Boca, because of my sense of belonging, since doing so would be breaking my word. The team that wins the Champions League is the best team in the world. The champion is not disputed. Bielsa is the coach of the national team that marked me the most. Above all else, he showed us honesty ”.

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