David Ferrer, coach of German Alexander Zverev, assured that his pupil will take a “step forward” and will play harder to have a chance to beat Pablo Carreño in the US Open semifinals. “I am happy that Alexander is in the semifinals and for the attitude he has shown. I am sure that he will take a step forward and play more aggressive to have his options,” Ferrer said in statements to Eurosport collected by Europa Press.

Ferrer, on the third attempt by Zverev, agreed to be the coach of the current world number 7, and now he will see him face who, in his time as a player, was a rival and at the same time a partner and friend. “It's been a short time since I stopped playing and that helps me because I know a lot of players from training and competing against them. Passing on that experience is always good. I've known Pablo very well since he was a child since he came to Valencia to train with me and I really appreciate him, “he recalled.

“I am very happy that Pablo is in the semifinals competing at a great level. It is always positive that good things happen to good people. It is also rare because it is my first experience as a coach and because I talk to Alexander to prepare for the game while he faces a friend and partner like Pablo “, he acknowledged. As for the origin of his relationship with Zverev, he was sincere. “In the year I retired professionally, he called me to try to work together. That same year was not the time and the next time I was already working for Godó in Barcelona and I didn't have enough time,” he said.

“The third time he called me it coincided with the confinement due to COVID-19 and it is true that I had more time available there. I really liked that he called me because I sure had more options, but that insistence and desire to work together convinced me. I am very happy on a professional level and also on a personal level, “he said.

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